Why Us?

*  Unique Designs:  Find something unique because all our designs are created and made here at Willow and Blue Jewelry.

*  High Quality:  We want you to not only receive a piece that is meaningful to you, we also want it to look pretty too - like wearable Art! Unlike other personalized jewelry where the designs are Printed on metal or paper or Laser Engraved (also called Laser marking), Willow and Blue Jewelry only creates jewelry with the designs CUT into the metal (deep engraved). The process takes more time and is more complicated, but we think it's worth it to ensure a durable keepsake where the design won't rub off.

*  Uniquely yours: Because every personalized/quote charm is beautifully handmade, they may have slight variations in finish.  We pay a lot of attention to the finish!  Finishing metal is part science/ part art and has taken us years to fine tune to ensure you receive a beautiful piece of jewelry.


All designs belong to Willow and Blue Jewelry.

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